The Brand

Visage The Brand

The Visage brand was launched in 2000 with the primary goal of providing a range of high quality, professional CCTV products that incorporate the latest technology and features, with an unrivalled price to performance ratio.

This philosophy remains the very basis of product design and development strategy today, and the range has grown significantly from just a handful of items to over one hundred different product lines, spanning the three key sectors of video security: Analogue CCTV, High Definition CCTV and High Definition IP Network Surveillance.

Primarily consisting of a wide variety of cameras and recording units, the range is complemented with an extensive choice of monitors, control devices, hardware, software, and other accessories. 



Embracing the latest technology, Visage products offer many innovative features and functions, and meet the requirements of almost any application. Indeed, our products have formed the backbone of thousands of security systems across the world. They can be found in all industry sectors including high security correctional facilities, health and educational establishments, retail operations,  manufacturing plants, banking enterprises, town centre monitoring and residential systems.

Whilst it has been vital to keep abreast of technological advances it has been equally important to ensure continuity of supply for ongoing projects and any additions to existing systems. Security Dynamics have ensured that the Visage range continually evolves in line with industry trends but still offers backward compatibility with earlier products. Similar structured programming menus and connection points give brand familiarity and ease of use.

All Visage products are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and carry a number of electrical and mechanical approvals, complying with local market legislation. Our stringent quality assurance programme both during manufacturing and the distribution process requires that each product fully conforms to current design specifications. This in turn eliminates ‘out of box’ failures and ensures long term reliability and durability.

Competitive pricing is always important perhaps more so now than ever before, and we at Security Dynamics recognise and understand this well. The Visage range as a whole delivers tremendous value for money without compromising on quality or reliability. With a mix of economical and premium solutions on offer, clients can standardise on the Visage product range for almost all installations including those with tight budget constraints.